CustomVows  Officiant
Perfection is our Goal. We tolerate excellence.

Brian Napier P. Eng., has over 35 years’ international professional speaking experience, and nearly 15 years’ experience as an appointed and licensed Marriage Commissioner within the Province of Alberta, Canada, officiating at well over 1400 weddings as of December 2015.  He is a Commissioner for Oaths within the Province of Alberta, Canada, enabling him to administer oaths and Affidavits.


In addition to Officiating Weddings, Brian presides over many other ceremonies including Funerals, Memorials, Vow Renewals, Baby Namings, Retirements and many other general events requiring a skilled Master of Ceremonies.  He continues to be called upon for various other Speaking engagements. 

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Your special life event must reflect the traits and beliefs that you hold true.  Including these in your custom service helps ensure it is truly custom and memorable.  This is the crux of the unique CustomVows process.  With proper planning, preparation and perhaps even a little perspiration, we will ensure your life event is truly memorable and unique.