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In Alberta, the person who performs a civil marriage ceremony is called a Marriage Commissioner. Marriage Commissioners are appointed and governed by the Alberta Government, but are neither subsidized nor salaried employees.


I am a Marriage Commissioner appointed in 2005 by the Province of Alberta to perform civil wedding ceremonies.  Through your visiting of this Website though, I gather you have begun planning for one of the most memorable and important days of your life; your Wedding Day.  

 We perform a large variety of wedding ceremonies on a very frequent schedule, which vary from the large traditional to the smaller more intimate and personal in nature. Our goal is to have your wedding ceremony reflect your desires as we work together to ensure this is your dream wedding.  Every couple that stands before us deserves to have an extraordinary and memorable experience. Your ceremony is what makes this day the most unique in your life.    No matter your choice of wedding package, we also take responsibility for filing your marriage registration upon the conclusion of your wedding.


We promote and encourage Family Ceremonies, for couples wishing to incorporate children, parents or siblings into their ceremony.  Our goal is to ensure these individuals understand that they are a crucial part of your life, and the bond of love being celebrated in your ceremony has a special place just for them.


It remains our privilege to also officiate over Same-Sex Marriages, ensuring that all couples are able to experience their dream wedding.   


If you or your future spouse has an Ethnic Identity, then by all means proudly incorporate this into your wedding. We offer innovative methods in which we can acknowledge and celebrate this identity, while ensuring all legal requirements are observed.  While the bulk of our ceremonies are conducted in English, we have been able to incorporate snippets of most requested languages into the service. Similarly, ethnic and family customs and traditions are typically easily accommodated within your custom ceremony. Should you desire your wedding to be conducted in a language other than English, it is very likely we are able to accommodate your wishes through the use of an interpreter.

 Your wedding day must reflect the traits and beliefs that you hold true.  Those characteristics that are special to you alone.  Including these in your custom wedding ceremony helps ensure your marriage ceremony is truly custom and memorable.  Having completed ~1500 unique and individualized weddings, I understand that each person, each couple, each venue, each service is indeed different and it is these differences that will help make your day trulyspecial. This day belongs to you. 

It would be my distinct honor to help make your Wedding Ceremony truly memorable and uniquely yours.  I look forward to meeting with you and starting our unique CustomVows process.  Together, with proper planning, preparation and perhaps even a little perspiration, we will ensure the details of your wedding are all addressed and you are free to relax and enjoy your day.