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Your CustomVows team is pleased to provide a number of free bulletins and tools for your convenience.  The information is presented for your general information purposes only. 

We have also found a number of Service companies and weblinks that contain useful information, and present them for your convenience only. Aside from those services we provide directly, we are not affiliated with, endorse nor influence these sites, their represented material, referenced links or content.

These companies and  links are under constant review to ensure the most appropriate resource available to you.  Should you wish to submit a company or link for consideration, or advise that a link shown below is either no longer valid or of limited value, please contact us directly


It is sometimes very helpful for Brides to prepare and maintain a small binder where information is kept regarding all aspects of her wedding.  To start this binder, I've sourced a few web based forms which MAY be of use.  Please note that not all of theses forms or the information contained therein may be relevant to your particular wedding.  They do though provide a starting point for you in managing your wedding plans.


announcement list

attendants sizes and measurements  

bakery worksheet

bridal attendants worksheet 

bridal attire information  

bridal attire shopping worksheet

bridal attire worksheet

bridal consultants information worksheet  

bridal consultant worksheet 

Bride Emergency Kit 

Budget Planner


brides attendants information 

brides attendants list 

brides name & address change worksheet caterer worksheet        

ceremony music information  

ceremony wording and ideas worksheet   

Contacts at a Glance  

engagement ring worksheet  

equipment checklist              

floral checklist 

flower description chart        

gift list    

gift registry checklist  

grooms attendants information

grooms attendants list       

grooms attendants worksheet

grooms name and address change worksheet      

guest accommodation list  

guest list for weekend activities      

guide to daytime wedding attire 

guide to evening wedding attire        

honey moon itinerary       

jewellery shopping worksheet         

marriage license checklist  

Money Saving Tips  

name and address change form letter  

photo and video checklist  

photographer and videographer information           

photography worksheet

planning calendar checklist     

questions to ask the reception site coordinator   

questions to ask your caterer   

reception information sheet  

reception music information          

reception seating charts    

reception site worksheet      

rehearsal and reception check list   

rehearsal dinner list              

stationery wording worksheet   

stationery worksheet    

transportation worksheet    

videography worksheet  

wedding day checklist    

wedding day transportation 

wedding expense record   

wedding expenses table 

wedding guest list  

wedding information worksheet  

weekend wedding itinerary  

  * To further help with your planning, I've located an electronic wedding planning book (in pdf format).  While the first page is exclusively advertising by the author, the remainder contains forms and ideas which may be of use to you in planning your wedding.  Please note that I do not endorse the organization or the advertising, but rather present the material solely as an information tool for you in the planning of your special day. I am in the process of developing my own wedding planning guide, however this is not yet ready for public release.  Wedding Guide Book   If you are not able to open a PDF document, here is a link  for the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.