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My sincere thank-you to those individuals who have extended to me the privilege of officiating!  A few of the many written thank you notes I have recently received follow.  

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EEC - You were amazing!

CCK – Thank you for being our officiant! You were amazing to work with and I'm glad you made jokes throughout to help me breathe. I didn't think I would be that nervous!   Also thank you for putting up with an obviously disorganized bride, I greatly appreciated it.

CJB - Thank you so very much for the wonderful job you did performing our wedding ceremony.  We are so thankful we found someone so experienced, friendly and professional.  


GTA - Thank you very much for the wonderful ceremony service and all the help!  Everyone has been coming up to us saying how great you were and thought it was perfect. Even the ring dropping haha. You didn’t miss a beat.  


MJO -  Thanks to you and your wife for making our rehearsal and ceremony a pleasant and easy experience! 

YJM - We were blessed to have you as our Officiant.   Thank you. 

LTW -  Thank you so much again for officiating our wedding! It was so perfect!

ACB - Thank you so much for officiating our wedding in such a pleasant and comfortable manner. It was indeed the perfect ceremony that we were looking for! We really appreciate your kind words and will remember them going forward.   Thank you so much again, although we can not really thank you enough.       

DNB - Thank you so much for your service. It turned out amazing!  We got many comments as well from our guests on how amazing you were. Our guests gushed about how articulate and easy to hear you were.

ECL - Thank you so much for the beautiful service. You were amazing helping us through it all.  

DSG - Thank YOU so very much for everything.  You went above and beyond and we thoroughly enjoyed having you a part of our day.

GJS - Thank you for making our day truly special.

DJS - Thank you again for the wonderful ceremony.   

DEA - Thank you so much for the great ceremony.  all in attendance commented on the great job you and your wife did, we wanted to pass on our thanks for being able to provide us with your services.


KNM- You were amazing and we can't thank you enough. The guests thought you were great! You helped us to not be nervous. Thank you again!


BKB - We would like express our thanks and appreciation of a truly wonderful ceremony.   Thank you for everything.


RDB - We just wanted to say thank you for such a nice ceremony. Everyone was very pleased. You were a pleasure to work with and we will surely recommend you to others.  Thank you so very much for making the day special. 


SPM - Thank you for the wedding ceremony. We were very pleased with the way it was conducted. It was lovely to have your sense of humor to calm our nerves.


GJC - Thank you so much for making our wedding vows so special and relaxed.


DSC:  Thank you so much for conducting our wedding. We appreciated your candor and professionalism. You went outside of your normal procedure for us and we do appreciate the extra effort.


GJB – Thanks, it was wonderful! 


DDM - We want to thank you for making our ceremony very special and “us”.  There was not one part of it that we would have wanted to change....other than the stifling heat.


DTS - Thanks again.  You made the day special and we appreciate all the assistance you provided.  It was a wonderful ceremony.


KMP - Thank you so much for making the perfect ceremony for us. 

 RSM -I just wanted to thank you and your wife for doing an excellent job at our wedding. It was truly wonderful and exactly how we wanted it. The ceremony was really beautiful.


BCB - Thanks so much for officiating our ceremony. You were wonderful and patient with us.


STM- You made our day smooth and forever memorable. Thanks for the memorable experience. 


DTT – We made the right decision when we chose you to officiate our wedding. You brought with you the love and honour we wish for our lives and by having you officiate, hopefully some of it will extend into our lives as well.


TKH - Thank you so much for doing such an excellent job performing our ceremony!  You made everyone, especially my husband and I, feel completely at ease!  


BSK - Thank you to you and your wife for the wonderful job you did officiating our wedding. You went far beyond our expectations and made our special day that much better.


RRM - Thank you!  Our ceremony was everything I’d hoped for and more. You made the planning easy and the ceremony was smooth and meaningful.


DEM - Wow, what a great ceremony making our day extremely special.  Everyone loved you! 


ELW - We just wanted to thank you for the beautiful ceremony yesterday. It was so much more than we could have ever asked for. :)   Thank you!


RAH - Thank you for performing our wedding :) We had a beautiful time and an amazing day and we couldn't be any happier as newlyweds!


CMS - Just wanted to send a big thank you to you both for all your help and tips for our wedding. It went off without a hitch and was a gorgeous day.


 DTH - Thank you and your wife for the exceptional job you did.  I had a lot of fun and it was very heartfelt service by everyone. Our photographer really appreciated your control over the picture taking and indicated to me that you were by far the best coordinator she has worked with for many years.   


SJD - Thank u u were awesome  :)

BTW - We both thought you and your wife did a fantastic job at the ceremony. Everything went without a hitch and you guys were great at keeping us on time.  


DCM - Thank you for making this so easy in what could have been a very stressful time.


DES - Thank you so much for the wonderful ceremony.  You were fantastic at keeping us all calm and organized.  We had so many compliments on what an amazing job you did!  It was really a wonderful day for both of us.


GCD - Thanks again for making our wedding very special for us.


MJG - Thanks so much for your guidance and words of advice.


AM - I can't imagine that anyone else will be able to capture the beauty and emotion of the ceremony as you did.


LNK - Thank you so much for all of your wedding tips! We wouldn't have been nearly as relaxed without your help!


DJS - You made it a memorable experience, it was fun and relaxed ......thank you


JDO - Thank you both for keeping us calm and getting us properly married with grace and poise.


NNS - Thank you so much for doing our marriage, and for all the advice/tips for the destination wedding.


WPL - Thank you for all your help and patience.  I'm glad we were fortunate enough to come across you to perform the ceremony and assist when it was above and beyond your responsibilities and obligations.


KCC - THANKS for such amazing work at our wedding.


BAM - Thank you for officiating at our wedding!  I'm still raving and so are our guests!


SJI - The ceremony was amazing!  Thank you for doing such a great job.

 MBC - You were absolutely wonderful.  I can't believe how stress free you made our day.  Thank you for helping make our day as perfect as it was.


BRS - Thank you so much for making our little wedding so lovely. It was so much more than we expected


MCG - Thank you again for making our day as memorable as it was, the ceremony was exactly how we wanted.


JAK - All I can say is WOW you had so much knowledge, professionalism and funny stories that it put us at ease right away.


NSA - I just wanted to say thank you for making us feel comfortable and for your gentle demeanour.


RSJ - Thank you for doing such a wonderful job and making our day!


JTP - We extend a huge thank you!  We couldn't have asked for anyone better.  We really appreciate the time you spent and how you made the ceremony meaningful to us.


TSS - You did a wonderful job and we really appreciate your help, guidance and patience!


PCH - We extend our thanks for the wonderful ceremony.  It was more beautiful and perfect than we imagined!  Family and friends commented on the outstanding job you did!


GBW - You did a super job and made it so easy for us.  We are very glad we had you to perform the ceremony!


DHP - We wanted to thank you very much for the beautiful job you did commencing our wedding.  We had so many compliments on our vows and our ceremony and it was very touching and personal.  You did a great job and are very good at what you do!


LFD - Thank you both for your patience and helping us get through the ceremony - you're a godsend!


FJM - Thanks for making our day so special!


TNN - When we read through the draft we knew without a doubt you were the best!


PDH - Our friends were right when they said you were an excellent choice.  You are the right person for the job!


JAG - Your guidance and wisdom made our day extra special!


NTN - You're the best, that ceremony was perfect!!!


TCH- We will never forget what you did for us. We are so grateful to you.  Thank you so much for everything.


KSS- Wow. Thank you so much for looking after us on our very special day


WFW- We are so pleased how the evening went and certainly enjoyed the simplicity of it all. Thanks for making our day even more special.


RMM - You guys did a fantastic job!  Thank you so much!!!


 SAS - Thank you for helping make our wedding day the extra special day it was.  We enjoyed the professionalism and fun that you brought.


JAP - Thank you for helping us make our wedding day so special.


RKC - Thank you again for the lovely wedding ceremony!


IJG- Thank you, Thank you, Thank you... I don't think we can say that enough.  Our wedding was PERFECT, it was exactly how we had planned it.   All our guests commented on what a wonderful and unique wedding we had.


RCA -  I would like to commend you once again, on how well our ceremony turned out. We were extremely impressed with how everything went.


KNC- Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for coordinating such a fantastic wedding ceremony! Everyone was VERY impressed at your professionalism, humour and smoothness of the ceremony and they all wanted me to let you know! We thought the ceremony was beautiful.


DCM - Thank you again for all of your hard work.  You were an absolute delight and everyone loved you.  Thanks again and I will highly recommend you to anyone that is looking for a great JP.


GJT - Thank you so very much for the outstanding job you and your wife and daughter did for us.  We won't hesitate to recommend your service should the opportunity arise!

 DNF - We were extremely pleased at how personal and tasteful it turned out to be. You gave us exactly what we wanted.  Thank you very much!


NKC - Thank you for officiating our wedding and ensuring everything ran smoothly!  You did a fantastic job!


WTS - Thank you so much for the wonderful ceremony, it was just perfect, we all loved how everything came together!!  You're the best, we certainly will recommend you to others who would like to get married!!


BMB - Thank you so much for doing our wedding. It was very special even for a "legal wedding". Thanks again for being a part of our special day!


CED - A heartfelt thank you….the wedding ceremony was lovely, and the music was perfect.  We have had several of our guests comment on your great speaking voice and good natured service.  A beautiful day.... due to yourself and your guidance.


RMC - Thank you again for a wonderful ceremony. 


NMR- You were awesome at our wedding.  We had no idea just how talented of an officiant you are.     


CAC - Thank you for being our marriage commissioner.  We appreciate how you accommodated our needs.  The vows were beautiful.


AKH - Thanks so much for everything, you have truly been amazing.

SSV - Thank you so very much... you are two wonderful people.


RAW - Thank you so much for your great work and making our wedding special.


MDM - Thank you - Thank you for a very special ceremony for our special day.


RNB - Thanks for everything.  It all went perfect.


CLL - Thank you again for the beautiful job you did of our ceremony!


JEP - Thank you for putting together such a beautiful ceremony!


RMH - Thank you again for such a wonderful beautiful ceremony.... Everyone just loved you and the way you conduct a ceremony..!  You are brilliant.!! 


KBM - Thank you so much for making our wedding special and just what we wanted!


OTL - It was a lovely ceremony and we couldn't be happier. We all commented on how wonderful you were with us. Thank you again, I am so happy I found your services!


MWA - Thank you for a wonderful ceremony.  It exceeded our expectations.


DKR - Thank you for writing the most meaningful & beautiful ceremony.  Having you present was absolutely amazing.  We can't thank you enough for creating memories that will never be forgotten!  You have a wonderful gift - don't stop doing what you're doing.


BAK - Thank you for making our day wonderful for our children and us.  It was a beautiful day for my new wife.


JCH - This was the best experience ever!


MMH - Thanks for your help and patience.


AUN - Thank you so much for making our wedding service so perfect. We truly appreciate the effort you made to incorporate all our wishes with great sensitivity and sincerity.


PWS - Thanks very much again for all of your wonderful services.  Everyone cannot stop raving about how good your service was.


GMK - Thank you for your support on our big day.  It wouldn't have been the same without you!  You made our day absolutely amazing.


PCW - Thank you so much for making our wedding an amazing event.


NCH - Thank you so much for an amazing ceremony!! That moment of our big day when we were saying our vows, looking into each other’s eyes was the most memorable moment of the day. Time stood still for those few minutes whereas everything else flew by so fast.


ARD - Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did at the wedding, you made everyone feel sooo comfortable.  You are a kind and wonderful man and you did make my day that much more special.


BMR - We heard many positive comments about your service.  Thanks so much for your part in our wedding.  We appreciated your smooth & professional delivery and time management.  The ceremony was perfectly suited to us.


SCS - Thank you again for performing our ceremony; it went perfectly and I can't tell you enough how happy we were with everything.


CLB - Thank you for an amazing and unforgettable ceremony! Thank you again we had a lot of fun and are super happy!


LDK - Thank you for performing our marriage ceremony.  We had a blissful day!   You were so professional and helpful.  Our guests agreed you did a great job.  We enjoyed meeting you and appreciated all your helpful suggestions. 


BJH - Thanks for making our special day one we will never forget.


RJH - Thank you for making our wedding ceremony stress free!  We appreciate it!


MAS - Just wanted to send a note and let you know you are great!!


LNK - Thanks again for our "non-wedding wedding." It was so wonderful! And thank you for all of the tips for us to use in the Dominican! 


KSR - You are the first commissioner we have spoken with, who offers so many choices when it comes to personalizing the ceremony;  And it was very apparent to us that you truly enjoy what  you do.


KTP - Thank you for performing the marriage in our home. We felt that something very special took place that evening and we appreciated all of your little touches and recommendations. We incorporated much of your advice on the day of the wedding in Mexico. You are very good at this!! Thank you very much for everything!! 


SKB - Thank you so much for everything. You helped the day run smoothly for us, helped in making it a day we will never forget.   


JRC - Thank you for making our wedding special!


ADG - Thank you! We were very happy with how the wedding turned out. You did an awesome job!!! The words you spoke had a lot of meaning. Good Job!


TKB - Thank you so much for everything! The wedding was spectacular.


SJC - Thank you for making our civil ceremony so great.  You were fantastic and your humour was noticed and appreciated.


JSG - Thank you again for everything :)


DJR - Thank you again!  We would have been lost if it weren't for the things you told us.


HJP - Thank you so much.  You made the process so enjoyable and fun!


JAB - Thanks for making our wedding special.


KKP - Thanks for making our wedding so wonderful!  You were such an important person and did a perfect job.  We couldn't have been happier.


BCD - We thank you for a wonderful ceremony!


RAS - We wanted to thank you for doing an amazing job in helping us make our union as meaningful as we could have.  We received many compliments on our ceremony and your services.


SLN - Once again a sincere thank you for such a beautiful ceremony - one that will never be forgotten.


AJG - The ceremony was absolutely the best - everyone was very impressed, us the most.  Everything went perfectly.


MLU - We wanted to thank you for a lovely wedding.


ECT - We thank you for a lovely ceremony.  Thanks for your support and guidance throughout the process.


DHK - Thanks for your help - you have helped make everything work so much easier.  We really appreciate you!


SMF - Thank you for the wonderful service that you did for us!  Everything about the whole night was wonderful.


DBM - Thank you!  Everything went so well and we’re so very happy.  You did an awesome job.   A glowing recommendation!


ABM - Thank you again for the wonderful wedding ceremony.


DPF - So beautiful. You have a very special gift to be able to talk the way you do.


JJB - A big thank you to you for making our wedding so special.  You are so good at what you do and it is no wonder that you are so successful and busy!  We will certainly be recommending your services.


TAO - Thank you for the ceremony!!  It was the first ever wedding in our family with an Officiant and we were all very pleased and happy with the ceremony so THANK YOU very much!  Should we ever know someone in need of an Officiant we will happily and readily recommend your service. 


TJR - Thank you.  We had a great day & appreciate all the work you put into it. Everyone commented on how professional and experienced you seemed to be.


AJP - We would not have changed one thing about our day.  Thank you!


BMQ - Thank you for making our wedding memorable. The ceremony was beautiful!


GCF - Thank you so much for everything, it was absolutely perfect.


CMB - Thank you again everything was beautiful!


CMR - Thank you very much for the excellent job performing our marriage ceremony. You made it extremely easy and relaxing for us. Your professionalism helped us both and took the nervous edge off. We have both highly praised you to our family and friends.


KDS - Thank you very much for being a part of our wedding day, it was fantastic. We were so pleased and you made something that was going to be so nerve racking to us, go so smoothly.


DEM - From our experience we would not hesitate in giving your name to anyone who wanted a professional, yet sincere wedding in an informal setting.


CLU - Just wanted to let you know happy we were with our wedding. You did a wonderful job and helped to make it a very memorable day. Thank you so much


KEG - Thank you again for the amazing wedding services you provided! We have so many amazing and wonderful memories with much thanks to you ...


DRF - Thanks so much for making our wedding the PERFECT day.  It could not have been any better.  We really appreciate all the time and effort you put into making the perfect ceremony for us.  We will definitely refer your name to friends and family.


BAJ - Thank you so much for officiating at our wedding!  The service was perfect.


KCA- I just wanted to say Thank you soooo much for the wonderful ceremony!! You and your wife were wonderful with organizing everyone and I am so pleased! I will recommend you to everyone I know!!


TLB - Thank you so much for our wedding.  It was beautiful and something we both will treasure for the rest of our lives.


TMP - Thanks once again for the very nice ceremony and beautiful vows. 


LLL - Thank you so much for a beautiful ceremony.  Many comments were made on how professional as well as warm you were.


BSR - You are truly the best.


MNR - We can't thank you enough for making our wedding day so special.

HHS - You performed a beautiful ceremony.


JKC - Thanks again for everything.  Our wedding day was perfect!


DCB - Thanks for all that you have done for us.  You are very good at what you do,& we are thankful that we were fortunate enough to have you apart of our day.


TJD - Allow us to express a tremendous thanks to you for assistance, guidance and beautiful composition of a wedding ceremony that truly reflects us.

 AAK - We just wanted to say thank you for making our wedding such a smooth, and stress-free experience. 


MAS - Thank you so much for such a great job...your guidance was much appreciated!


SAH - Thank you so much...the ceremony was beautiful and it was because of your efforts and guidance.  Your calmness was much appreciated. We truly could not have asked for any better. 


SAK - You truly made our wedding much, much more than expected.  It was great.


DKR - Wonderful work, thanks again!


CTK - We all left extremely impressed and pleased with the ceremony you performed, your professionalism and the atmosphere you created.


DKD - Thank you for writing such an incredible ceremony for us.


MGK - Thank you so much for the amazing job you did. We will never forget it and you made the ceremony absolutely beautiful. I cannot imagine having had someone else marry us.


ALD - Thank You for the wonderful ceremony. You were so comforting and made us feel at ease. You definitely exceeded our expectations!


LML - Thanks for everything - you made it comfortable and casual.


PRL - Thank you again for all your advice, tips and tricks for our wedding on the beach.  Because of you, it made our day even more special


MTB - Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with our ceremony.


MGR - Thank you for your part in making our wedding day perfect.  Your attention to detail, your confidence, your professional delivery of the ceremony and most importantly your genuine presence meant so much to both of us.


JMS - Thanks again for our service.  It was exactly what we were looking for.


FHD - You were so helpful and patient to us, for all the money in the world we could not have received a better service or have been more pleased. You made our day so special.


SCL - We want to thank you for all your tireless efforts. We had many comments from our guests that said it was one of the most romantic and unique wedding ceremonies that they had ever witnessed.


CSL - We received many wonderful compliments on our ceremony.  We couldn't be happier with your services.


TKL - Thank you for the excellent ceremony.  It was absolutely beautiful.  We received numerous compliments on it throughout the night and all the next day.  We will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone.