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Getting married is a wonderful and exciting time for couples. Your journey together in the planning of your wedding day marks the start of your life as a couple.  As your decision to get married is now made, a logical next step is choosing the date for your ceremony.  Holiday and  long weekends are typically chosen, which makes these days very much in demand.  

Closely coupled to the date of your ceremony is deciding where it will be held.  Factors of consideration here include indoor/outdoor locations, family travel, wedding party size and type of ceremony.  Also, if an outdoor wedding is desired, a contingency plan should be developed in the case of poor weather!  

 I recommend you book all relevant services, including your venue and myself (as your Marriage Commissioner),  as early as possible to ensure you are not disappointed.  Then on to managing your long list of wedding details!  

From a legality perspective, I strongly encourage you to visit the Government of Alberta website ( Marriage Act or Marriage Licences) for the most current rules and regulations


By way though of a few generalities:



How to get a Marriage License: 
    * Bride and Groom must go together to your local registry
   * Both parties must provide proper  identification
   * If divorced,  you must present the final divorce papers
   * You must know your parents full legal names and their place of birth
   * Any person under the age of 18 requires special Consent by a parent or legal guardian
   * This registration process typically takes less than 30 minutes
   * Marriage license is valid immediately upon issuance and is good for 3 months




General Notes:

  *  Alberta civil wedding ceremonies may be performed by a registered Marriage Commissioner
  *  The wedding couple must present the Marriage Commissioner with a valid marriage licence
  *  The bride, groom & two adult witnesses over the age of 18 must be present at the ceremony
  *  Typically the weddings I perform will be in the greater St. Albert region
  *  Weddings will be performed in accordance with established Governmental guidelines
  *  Neither the Bride nor the Groom can be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  *  Bride and Groom must each declare two legislated statements during the ceremony
  *  The Registration of Marriage will  be forwarded to Vital Statistics within two days of the ceremony
  *  A civil marriage statement will be presented to the bride and groom at the end of the ceremony