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While all weddings are unique in their own right, there are some common questions I am asked, that I recommend you consider at this time.  Please remember that these questions are very general in nature and not all inclusive.

  * When and where will the ceremony occur? 
  * Will the ceremony include your personal and custom vows? 
  * Do you want a formal, informal or casual wedding?
  * Will there be a rehearsal?  If so, when and where?  Who is required to participate?
  * Who (if anyone) will walk the bride down the aisle and present her in marriage?
  * Where will all parties stand during the ceremony?
  * Will you include any special ceremonies?
  * Are you both presenting each other with rings?
  * Who will be the witnesses to the ceremony?
  * Will there be flowers?
  * Will there be music?  If so, will it be live and when will it be used?
  * Will there be children involved?  If so, as part of the ceremony or presented with a special gift?
  * Who is responsible to bring the marriage licence to our pre-wedding meeting?
  * Where will the photographs be taken?  And will they be allowed during the ceremony?
  *What will make the day most special for you?
  * And general logistics such:
                           - Wedding location                                              - Reception location
                           - Rehearsal time and location                              - Invitations
                           - Caterer                                                               - Guests
                           - Dresses and  tuxedos                                         - Flowers and candles
                          - Wedding attendants                                            - Rings and gifts
                          - Transportation                                                    - Photographer/ Videographer
                           - Hair appointments                                             - Decorating
                            - Managing of gifts                                              - Cleanup
                           - Reception planning including music, place-settings, food and beverage, 
                            - Master of Ceremonies, scheduling, receiving line..
                            - Decorating and logistics (such as guest book and pen)