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In Alberta, A duly authorized Commissioner for Oaths can administer oaths, affidavits, declarations and affirmations.   Some examples of the type of documents that may require the services of a Commissioner for Oaths include:

* Consent to Travel
* Affidavits
* Land Transfers
* Insurance Claims
* Pension Forms
Statutory Declarations
* Wills
* Permanent Residency Forms
* First Nations Eligibility Forms
* Passport Replacement Forms
* Workers Compensation Forms
* Estate Forms
* Adoption Papers
* All other forms that require a Commissioner for Oaths Stamp and Signature


For your reference HERE is a pdf version of the Commissioner for Oaths Handbook.  


Code of Conduct for Commissioners for Oaths 

1.      A commissioner for oaths must

a.       discharge all of the commissioner for oaths’ responsibilities with honesty, dignity and integrity;

b.      treat all persons fairly, courteously and with respect;

c.       provide services in a professional, ethical and responsible manner;

d.      comply with the terms and conditions of the commissioner for oaths’ appointment;

e.      comply with

                                             i.            the Notaries and Commissioners Act,

                                           ii.            the applicable regulations under the Notaries and Commissioners Act,

f.        any other law or directives that govern the conduct of commissioners for oaths in the discharge of their responsibilities, and

g.       any direction issued to the commissioner for oaths under section 22 of the Act;

h.      act in a manner that maintains and upholds the honour and reputation of the office of commissioner for oaths;

i.         maintain up to date knowledge on the law and directives governing the duties and conduct of commissioners for oaths;

j.        hold in strict confidence all information of a confidential nature that comes to the commissioner for oaths’ knowledge, except as is required to perform the services of the commissioner for oaths or as otherwise required by law.

2.      A commissioner for oaths must not

a.       mislead or attempt to mislead anyone in the discharge of the commissioner for oaths’ responsibilities;

b.      participate in the preparation or delivery of any document that is false, incomplete, misleading, deceptive or fraudulent;

c.       participate in the preparation or delivery of any document that

                                             i.            has the appearance of being validly issued by a court or other legitimate authority but is not,

                                           ii.            is intended to or has the effect of deceiving any person, or otherwise is lacking valid legal effect.