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When  someone dies, the grief is managed through remembrance.  Through understanding that the person is not completely gone, but rather lives on in our lives and those (s)he  have touched.  Together, we will acknowledge their uniqueness and celebrate their impact on our lives. Yes, we will indeed morn as such is the very nature of loss, however we will gather strength through those around us, their stories, their memories, their support.  

An Officiant provides an alternative to a service provided by a clergy person for those who either are not affiliated with a church or simply do not wish a traditional faith based funeral/memorial service.  Great care is taken to capture the essence and special qualities of your loved one through interviews with family and friends, home visits and additional research. This information forms the basis for a custom and unique service that best reflects the life of your loved one.

A somber service, a memorial service, a life celebration service, a farewell service, a roast service, all are appropriate at different times and in different circumstances.  Together, we will ensure the service for your loved one best honors and reflects their life, their personality and their legacy.

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